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300 Click for offer“It’s so good,” she said. “I will miss them and be lonely without them.” Yep. That sounds exactly like the next sentence I'll write in my nightmare journal.

Gómez tells Forché: “Look, Papu. Look at this. Try to see.” Learning to see — how to see better and what to do with what you see — is a recurring motif in the memoir. “I wrote down in pencil what I saw, what I heard. …I have heard it said that to write is to dream on paper. In these notebooks from the time of El Salvador there are no dreams.” Nothing has ever made me want to watch a fight scene more than the way the Blue Ranger is standing here.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe ISS travels around in orbit at high speed, so the crew sees multiple sunsets, sunrises, moonsets and moonrises each day. But busy astronauts don't get to hang out at the window and watch each one of them, which makes Feustel's video all the more interesting. (Hat tip to Abhi from Bike-Urious.com for digging up this story originally)

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYLet me set the scene. It's the late '90s, and Square Enix shares an office building with Disney in Japan. Tetsuya Nomura, who would go on to direct all Kingdom Hearts games, is working as a character designer on Final Fantasy VII when Nintendo releases Super Mario 64. Impressed by the revolutionary 3D world of Mario 64, Nomura wants to create a game to compete.  If you're looking for safety systems, prepare to shell out even more. The ,100 Tech package is only available on the Limited trim, and it adds a variety of safety systems, including automatic braking, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control and automatic high beams. Check out the full pricing breakdown below.

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But even in the most structured environment, there are always a few surprises. One year, Letitia James, then the public advocate, now the New York Attorney General, stopped by. Another year, someone left a drum set on their stoop the morning of the marathon, having seen them out there during other races playing makeshift instruments. The commentary from our tour leader during the trip was on the weaker side (the tour was supposed to be in English, but ended up being more than 50 percent in German). Fortunately, knowing Berlin as well as I do meant that I was already well aware of the city's history and was happy just to enjoy the ride and the new perspective.

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VR Systems’ chief executive, Ben Martin, said his company was aware of only a “small number of customers” who had received the fraudulent email, and of those, none had notified VR Systems that they had clicked on the attachment or were compromised. After shooting is finished, the VFX team sets about adjusting the footage. They might have to remove tracking markers, paint out crew members reflected in helmets and windows or add details such as flames, smoke or wildlife.

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The settlers say the clash started with an attack on a Jewish teenager who was staying in the settler outpost of Adei Ad over the Sabbath. In a recorded statement, the teenager said he had walked out of Adei Ad to spend some time alone, was accosted by Palestinians, managed to get away, realized his arm was bleeding and ran back to the outpost for help. "It has now been 67 days since the repeal of the previous administration's utility-style internet regulations took effect," Pai said. "The internet is still open and free."

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So I believe collaboration with our eyes open — not being naïve, not being utopian, but having smart people, scientists, policymakers face the terrible prospect of a heating environment. Prayers up to Jacksonville

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