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You help the Terra create a map of your lawn. Contact: Adam Davis, Classic Properties, 570-241-7635; classicproperties.com

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Swift is scheduled to perform at Sunday’s AMAs, which will air live on ABC from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. In her post last week, she said she had planned to play a medley of her hits at the AMAs but that it was up in the air — along with a forthcoming Netflix documentary — because the men who own her old recordings won’t allow her to play her songs. Her post ignited social media, with the hashtags #IStandWithTaylor and #FreeTaylor trending heavily on Twitter. The only way is to get a urine culture. The lab results will identify the germ and what would be effective in treating the infection. But it can take several days to get the results.

Councilman Robert F. Holden, a Democrat from Queens who voted against the bill, said he worried the fee would put an undue burden on consumers as well. After seven days comatose, following 22 minutes without oxygen during an unfortunately named instance of “cardiac death,” my husband began to flutter his eyelids. My father and I had been waiting, hopeful but frightened. We wondered: Will he be able to talk? To walk? To feed or bathe himself? The predictive tests hadn’t been encouraging. So we stared, and after a while my husband’s blue eyes focused on mine. Then he sputtered and coughed. We stared. He blinked. We stared. Finally, I whispered, “How are you, love?” He sighed and said, “Well, I’ve been mostly dead all day.” — Lisa Petty

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Log InAfter Mr. Milosevic lost an election in 2000, the new regime delivered him to the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, where he was charged with genocide in the systematic murder of Croats and Muslims in Bosnia and Albanians in Kosovo. Mr. Trump has repeatedly said he wants to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan and end the nearly 18-year war. But ties between Pakistan’s intelligence service and extremist groups in the region have long frustrated American hopes of a peaceful regional solution.